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City Commission

City Commission meets the 1st and 3rd Mondays of every month at 307 W. Watson. 
The Committee of the Whole meets at 6:00 PM and the regular City Commission meeting is at 7:00 PM.

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The legislative branch shall consist of the City Commission which shall be the governing body of the city.

The City of Lewistown shall have a city commission of seven (7) members, two of whom shall be elected from each of three (3) wards and one (1) who shall be elected at large.

Members of the commission shall be elected for four (4) year overlapping terms of office.

Local government elections shall be conducted on a nonpartisan basis. With the exception of the member elected at large, commission members shall be elected by wards in which candidates must reside and which are apportioned by population. One commission member from each ward shall be elected every two years.

The commission members shall select a chairman from the members of the commission.

Charter of the City of Lewistown

Ward Map





1Katie Spika406-350-1501kspika@ci.lewistown.mt.us1/202212/2025
 Loraine Day406-538-8405lday@ci.lewistown.mt.us1/202412/2027
2Ron Hrubes406-535-3613rhrubes@ci.lewistown.mt.us1/202212/2025
 Diana R. C. Hewitt 406-538-9017 dhewitt@ci.lewistown.mt.us1/202412/2027
3Danielle Buehler406-366-1367dbuehler@ci.lewistown.mt.us1/2024 12/2027
 Dave Scotten406-366-1920dscotten@ci.lewistown.mt.us1/202212/2025
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 KellyAnne Terry406-366-9796 kterry@ci.lewistown.mt.us1/202212/2025